Freshman Essay Evaluation Overview

Freshman Essay Evaluation Overview

The FEE requires students to write two essays, one literature review and one argumentative paper, on assigned topics, which test-takers write over a three-day period. The exam questions will be posted on Friday morning and your responses to them will be due 72 hours later. Readings for the evaluation will be available on the Web three days before the questions are posted. Following the test, students will receive detailed comments on their writing that is unavailable to students who take the make-up FEE.

The FEE is offered online twice during the summer. Students may take the FEE only once, but can register for the test date they prefer. This year, the test will be offered: (1) from May 31-June 3, 2013 and (2) from July 12-15, 2013. (Registration deadlines are earlier.)

We strongly encourage students to take the FIRST Online FEE in June.  Students who take the first FEE (June) will receive their results by July 5, 2013, which means they will be better informed when choosing HASS-D classes in the HASS-D lottery. (More information about the HASS-D lottery is available at

A paper-and-pencil make-up test will be offered during Orientation for students who were unable to take the Online FEE over the summer. Any student whose first language is not English, however, who did not take the online FEE, should take the English Diagnostic Review Test (EDR) during Orientation instead of the make-up FEE. The EDR is administered by the Program in English Language Studies, and it includes the same essay topics that will be on the make-up FEE. No registration is required for either the make-up FEE or the EDR.

You must take the Online FEE this summer unless:

  • you received a score of 5 on the AP Tests on Language and Composition or Literature and Composition.
  • you are unable to take the Online FEE because of scheduling conflicts, lack of access to an email account, or lack of computer with a compatible Web browser.

You will then be expected to take the paper-and-pencil make-up FEE or EDR during Orientation.

Still have questions? Please visit our FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked FEE questions (including questions about AP).