Writing Across the Curriculum

About WAC at MIT

WAC is located in 12-117.

WAC at MIT dates back to 1952, and represents the core educational resource of the Institute’s Communication Requirement. WAC collaborates on teaching written and oral communication in all Institute departments, and works with about 100 subjects and 3,700 MIT students per year. WAC lecturers participate closely in the teaching of departmental CI-M (Communication Intensive in Major) subjects, and WAC Writing Advisors (who are also lecturers) support the teaching of CI-H (Communication Intensive in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences) subjects. The WAC program runs workshops in Communications pedagogy for faculty and TAs during IAP, and WAC Director Suzanne Lane is available for consultation at any time and can provide subject-specific TA training in communications pedagogy. Additionally, WAC administers the Freshman Essay Evaluation (FEE) each summer.

This website provides a variety of information and resources for teaching writing and speaking, and for developing a Communication Intensive subject. Here you’ll find information on collaborating with WAC lecturers, on designing assignments and integrating Communications instruction into your subject, on providing feedback and helping students to understand the writing process. We also have many links to useful resources, such as student writing and speaking self-assessments, instructions for setting up peer review in class, and information about software that students can use to research, cite sources, write, and develop presentations. Please browse through our philosophy and background sections, as well, to learn more about the field of rhetoric and communications.

If you have questions, please contact:

Dr. Suzanne Lane, Director